Since my UN Squadron post I started playing the arcade version and it’s really good.  I got the 1cc after 4 hours of practice.  Not too hard and still a very fun game.  I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a game to 1cc.

Anyway I just tried the hardest mode on the arcade version, difficulty 8 (Hardest), 4 being normal.  Finding the normal mode being a tad easy, I wanted to see what hardest offered.  From what I could tell all the non-popcorn enemies have a bit of more health, bosses and their parts have more health, and bullets are faster and for boss battles, are shot out notably more frequently.  I managed to squeak by with a couple save state re-dos on two of the bosses up to Mission 7 I believe which has the Minks, the ocean battleship stage.

While the large cannons on the battleship having more health put a wrench in the mix, also these napalm dropping popcorn ships just constantly come in after each other.  Much more frequently than normal difficulty.  This made it so I couldn’t hover by the large cannons as the screen scrolled at the beginning of the fight to destroy the cannons.  The napalm would make me fly up.  But then I couldn’t deal much damage except with my sub-weapon and enemy fire filled the screen too much.  I’m stumped right now as to how to beat it, at least using Shin.  Maybe Greg’s downwards shot could do it.

Since I got the 1cc on U.N. Squadron (AC) I tried Carrier Air Wing.  Cool game.  I like it.  Similar to U.N. Squadron and similar quality from what I could tell.  I’ll try to play it a bit more, maybe go for 1cc.

As for my SNES adventures, they have been discontinued as my buddy asked for his SNES back before I expected him too.  The next adventure was going to be for Illusion of Gaia and Super R-Type.  I got to play Gaia a bit though.  Oh well.